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How to choose portable pill case

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Source:XZDClick:Date:2016/4/21 9:49:16

Portable pill case: has one or more grid subpackage, convenient to take the medicine according to the dose medication put pill case, in order to carry and take medicine on time.food grade plastic production, the main material for PP or ABS, also have made from metal material.

Portable pill case categories: ordinary portable pill case, remind pill boxes, recording pill boxes

More kind of type portable pill case, so many styles, have different material, how do we choose and buy a portable bag, distinguish which is the most suitable for our own?

According to demand choice: choose according to different requirements of different portable pill case, if you are young, like a unique portable pill case, choose ordinary portable pill case can, if they are old people and children, need to be reminded to take medicine on time, choose to remind kit and recording portable pill case.
According to the quantity of the nature of medicine is not the same, it is necessary to avoid light, we need to choose brunet pill boxes, easy changing, we need to choose good in sealing.

According to usethe number of days and dosage: according to use the number of days and drugdose selection, go out days, according to different capacity of portable PCS,dose selection or according to the different doses, choose different capacityof portable pill case.


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