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New colorful foldable water bottle

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Source:XZDClick:Date:2016/4/8 17:59:15

Foldable water bottle type: S3 - MINI
Foldable water bottle of new color: apple green, watermelon red, orange
Foldable water bottle all color apple green, watermelon red, orange, transparent color, blue, violet
Foldable water bottle capacity: 320 ML
Foldable water bottle material: food grade silicone
Advantage: 1. Leak proof     2.Easy to carry on      3 Foldable    4. Baby skin tactility fell andcompressive resistance      5. Light      6.Durable safe and non-toxic

Scope of application:
1, movement refers tocompare some fierce sports ground share the kettle, such as running, climbing,characteristic is more emphasis on the quality of the buckle and sealingfunction.
2, outdoor use Refer tohike, picnic, tourism, and other situations, characteristic is more portable,multiple forms of hooks.
3, students can say andoutdoor portable kettle is similar, but because it is the children use, designand professional in the production of the kettle is difference, students withsports bottle is more convenient to use and easy to use, for instance is thatthey are using open rather than plug valve cover, etc.
sports water bottles method folding movement of choose and buy a new kettle color listed


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