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Portable pill case is available?

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Source:XZDClick:Date:2016/4/25 14:51:14

Portable pill  case of course  can be used, but portable pill case can't carry some special medicine.

Internet rumors: small Portable pill  case had better not use that experts suggest
Article small make up a careful reading, experts from 3 to question the availability of Portable pill  case.

1. "the naked stored easily changing"
Portable pill  case enclosed are good, now actually block the space there is no changing, and Portable pill  case mainly for travel to go drug design, medicine capacity is not big, generally a week of medicine, time is short, changing is unlikely.

2. Temperature overheating too cold, damp environment can lead to drug quality.
Portable pill  case are commonly used to to go, generally to go into the bag or clothes pocket, or repackaging pitcher of drugs, dosage is not much, also won't appear in the sun insolates, or very humid place, general activity place wouldn't exist for human long-term overheating too cold, wet conditions, the average person will not take medicine deliberately to overheating too cold, damp environment, so there is no this problem.

3. The kit material safety
Portable pill  case on the market basically adopts PP, ABS, metal material, is non-toxic, non-corrosive, insects and rodents, inhibiting microbial material, unless some undesirable businessman use inferior material production, small make up remind buyers to buy at the right not to keen on gaining petty advantages.

Res Portable pill  case to go medicine: lactasinum biofermin, pepsin, such as the stomach medicine, and diabetes patients with insulin, etc., must be put in the refrigerator frozen drug ban to go.
A kind of Portable pill  case, designed to reduce the fault and leakage, and easy to carry and design;Has one or more drugs, convenient to take the medicine according to the dose medication put in storage.

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