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disinfect silicone travel bottles

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How to disinfect silicone travel bottles?

silicone travel bottles not disinfection will make your silicone travel bottles into bacteria playground, so before use or to pay attention to disinfection and cleaning after use.

How to disinfect silicone travel bottles ?

Method 1: blanching boiled silicone travel bottles.
Method 2: disinfect with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, and then wash clean with clear water;
Method 3: water repeatedly washing silicone travel bottles of 10 to 15 times, and then use hair dryer to open to the largest wind blow dry, as far as possible let poise and flow speed builds a sterile environment within thesilicone travel bottles.
Method 4: using vinegar disinfection silicone travel bottles, and then clean with clear water 5-8 times.

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