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what is silicone

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Relatedto us in so many different ways, silicone is a substance that is made of both organicand inorganic polymers, and is created by the use of a certain chemicalformula. Often incorrectly regarded as "silicon," actually it is morecorrectly to be identified as polysiloxanes. The word itself is a derivative ofketone, based on the incorrect precondition that dimethylsilicon and dimethylketone would have similar chemical structures, because the formulas shared some characteristics.

Basically, silicone is created bythe combination of an inorganic silicon and oxygen backbone with organic sidegroups that attach to the silicon atoms. The number of links or attachmentsbetween the organic and inorganic components determines the final consistencyof a certain silicone product. A variety of forms are usually divided into twodifferent groups,  silicone oils andresins. With this family of substances, the end products may take on suchdiverse consistencies, such as hard plastic, rubber, gels and liquids. Thereare many silicone products that bring much convenience for us in our daily lifeindeed.

Food grade silicone is widelyused for producing silicone jewelry,silicone water bottle, silicone baby nipple etc.


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